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B2B Email Appending

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    Email appending helps in increasing the email subscriber list. The purpose behind this is to send the information of the customers through email, rather than traditional mail. Some critics say that email appending wrong as sending email to customers who havent opted for it is against the rules. Email appending enables a company to send mails to both opt in an opt out customers.

    Companies using opt in procedure, first seek permission through appended email addresses to ask customers if they can opt into the mailing list of the client. These customers have an additional advantage of unsubscribing.
    The email appending process is very simple, involving the database of the customers or a business association. A company can even appoint a service provider to merge the databases together and link the customers email address to its existing file.

    Benefits Of Email Appending:

    • It helps in decreasing the cost of expenditures.
    • Increases the companys ROI.
    • Protects the senders track records.
    • Increases the companys customers.
    • Helps in achieving the target set by the company thus improving the customer and employer relationship.
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