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Without the right email addresses, it is impossible to expand a business through B2B email marketing. With our Email Appending Services, we will revamp your email database in a minimum time to market and provide you with updated information about your targeted decision makers.

Our segmented master email list of active and prospective email accounts will provide you with updated information. B2B marketing communication appears to have a bright future. For B2B lead generation, several trends such as globalization, continuous investments in research and development, newer techniques of multi-channel communication, product proliferation, and audience engagement through personalized content are driving factors.

In most cases, B2B marketers can’t leverage these avenues as they lack access to the correct email data. You can purchase an email list from MailingInfoUSA or append your email data file with us. Optimize your list to take advantage of present market opportunities. By using the best Email Address Appending Service in the industry, we can help you reach the right audience and increase sales.

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    What is Data Append Service and how does it work?

    • Data appending services begin with matching customer data against the vendor’s extensive master database.
    • As part of this matching process, all similar records are flagged and appended with the current information.
    • A manual verification is performed on these attached records to verify their authenticity.
    • To test its deliverability, the opt-in email is sent to all the appended contacts.
    • The appended database is then sent to the customers within the specified timeframe.

    Data Appending Process includes:

    Processing the data by normalizing it

    Cleaning up the junk data

    Incomplete addresses can add by appending

    Setting up the verification automation

    Keeping track of the results

    What are you waiting for? Get qualified email leads and boost your sales revenue with the most actionable Email Appending solutions. You can boost your campaign growth by using data that helps you deliver your emails to the right recipients.


    We can help you design marketing strategies that reach the right market segment and increase sales without much effort. Take advantage of MailingInfoUSA’s highly responsive marketing intelligence solutions for a competitive edge in your marketing.


    On-demand Email Appending is the process of taking first and last names, postal addresses, or other customer data and matching it with our repository to find the correct deliverable email address. Please send us any email lists you have that contain missing fields but are of high importance for your business.

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