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With Postal Address Appending Services, new customer records are added with their addresses, and the old addresses are updated. By posting the message to the customer, you are using the most traditional means of communicating with them. Although people don’t give much importance to postal addresses, postal communication has its own value.

The importance of sending the postal cards to subscribers and customers cannot be overstated. Our Postal Address Appending Service is for customers who have lost their customer contact information and whose postal address fields are outdated. With a postal address, you can also reach out to the customer face-to-face, where you can use body language to your advantage.

Take advantage of our Postal Address Appending Service to discover how powerful your database can be! Through a secure portal, we match the information you provide us with our databases. The work of our innovative database team makes results speak for your business in b2b marketing campaigns at MailingInfoUSA.

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    What is Data Append Service and how does it work?

    • Data appending services begin with matching customer data against the vendor’s extensive master database.
    • As part of this matching process, all similar records are flagged and appended with the current information.
    • A manual verification is performed on these attached records to verify their authenticity.
    • To test its deliverability, the opt-in email is sent to all the appended contacts.
    • The appended database is then sent to the customers within the specified timeframe.

    Data Appending Process includes:

    Processing the data by normalizing it

    Cleaning up the junk data

    Incomplete addresses can add by appending

    Setting up the verification automation

    Keeping track of the results

    There’s a shorter shelf life for data. It doesn’t take long for information like contact details to go from correct to incorrect as people change jobs, move from one city to another, and create new email addresses. Over the past 12 years, MailingInfoUSA has paved the way for data-driven marketing. By using a Postal Address Appending Service, you can have your existing information verified and updated.


    This process flow demonstrates how we double the need to update your database accurately and return the updated data to you in a secure manner. You can therefore re-connect with long-standing leads and old customers, ensuring more sales and conversions. It doesn’t matter how far we go with technology and online campaigns, some campaigns still work the old-fashioned way.


    Your existing database is appended with our postal address. Names, e-mail addresses, or other fields in your database can be shared with us, and mailing addresses will be updated automatically. You can update your database’s postal address with our MailingInfoUSA professionals.

    You can start appending your data now

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