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Every business organization relies on its marketing database. Therefore, it is even more important to maintain the quality of prospect and customer records. Our Reverse Appending process involves appending crucial contact information to an email-only file. Most online marketers want to expand their market reach beyond email marketing by expanding their marketing beyond e-mail.

While Reverse Appending is most commonly used to append fields to an existing email database, it is not limited to that. Adding additional information to a contact or company record using the existing database details is called reverse appending. With our top-notch Reverse Appending Services, you can effectively target your audience, thus maximizing your revenue.

In addition to our expertly executed reverse appending, MailingInfoUSA guarantees our clients the highest match rates and the quickest turnaround times in the industry. The only thing you need to do is send or upload your database, which we will match with our opt-in master database and append the exact details to your database. By providing updated, verified, and deliverable data appends we ensure better campaign efficiency and quicker conversions.

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    What is Data Append Service and how does it work?

    • Data appending services begin with matching customer data against the vendor’s extensive master database.
    • As part of this matching process, all similar records are flagged and appended with the current information.
    • A manual verification is performed on these attached records to verify their authenticity.
    • To test its deliverability, the opt-in email is sent to all the appended contacts.
    • The appended database is then sent to the customers within the specified timeframe.

    Data Appending Process includes:

    Processing the data by normalizing it

    Cleaning up the junk data

    Incomplete addresses can add by appending

    Setting up the verification automation

    Keeping track of the results

    Every month, up to 3% of business data becomes obsolete, which means marketers often need three contact details from customers – phone number, email address, and address. Searching for adequate data in such situations is a waste of time and money, and purchasing a new database neither guarantees right addresses nor is worthwhile.


    In such a case, data append is an appropriate solution. The reverse email append service provided by MailingInfoUSA is one of the best in the industry. It matches name, postal address, and phone number of prospects in your database to email addresses and other data in its massive in-house database, and provides up to 45% match rate.


    Most of your records contain only email addresses, as well as business names, locations, zip codes, phone numbers, and mailing addresses. If those missing details were included in your existing database, your business would be able to reach a broader audience and generate more revenue.

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