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In addition, marketers took the time to capture and understand the benefits of Social Media Appending. Many marketers prioritize platforms when it comes to branding, but marketing operations place less emphasis on social media. In spite of this, it is a fact that social media append networks capture more than two out of ten customers of Fortune 500 companies.

The efficiency of contacting a prospect via social media on the internet is much better than most marketing channels. When compared with the ages-old business-to-business or business-to-consumer approach, social media makes efforts stand out because it enables people-to-people interactions. With our niche Social Media Appending Services, you can complete your database:

For multi-channel marketing, social media is an essential tool for understanding the likes, dislikes, and preferences of your target customers. It is important to keep your social media database up-to-date with the latest and most relevant information through Social Media Appending. You cannot rely on the same database for a long time since consumer interests keep changing.

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    What is Data Append Service and how does it work?

    • Data appending services begin with matching customer data against the vendor’s extensive master database.
    • As part of this matching process, all similar records are flagged and appended with the current information.
    • A manual verification is performed on these attached records to verify their authenticity.
    • To test its deliverability, the opt-in email is sent to all the appended contacts.
    • The appended database is then sent to the customers within the specified timeframe.

    Data Appending Process includes:

    Processing the data by normalizing it

    Cleaning up the junk data

    Incomplete addresses can add by appending

    Setting up the verification automation

    Keeping track of the results

    With technology, you can connect with your customers through a maximum number of channels like email, direct mail, Facebook, Twitter, banner promotions, etc. In addition, as your customers are dispersed across various channels, you also find it difficult to connect with them.


    Even though we cannot say which channel is strongest, sticking to a single medium does not seem to be a good idea. Despite your direct mail and email campaigns, you cannot ignore your customers’ social media presence. To connect with them, you should use all the social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


    MailingInfoUSA can append social media contacts to your existing database or just provide you with the social media contacts of your target audience. Our customers benefit from the only socially verified database available on the market. With social media marketing, you can connect directly with prospects that can easily become customers.

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