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    Database Management Users Mailing List Includes

    1010data MS SQL Server (2005, 2000) Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g
    10gen MS SQL Server (T-SQL) Oracle 9i, DataMart
    10Gen MongoDB MS SQL Server 12.0 Oracle 9i,10g,11g
    10Gen MongoDB Enterprise Advance MS SQL Server 2.0.2 Oracle 9i.x
    1WorldSync MS SQL Server 2000 Oracle 9i-10g
    Access Dimensions databases MS SQL Server 2003 Oracle 9iA RAC
    Actian MS SQL Server 2003/2008/2008R2 Oracle 9iAS
    Actian ParAccel MS SQL Server 2005 Oracle 9x
    Acxiom MS SQL Server 2007 Oracle Balanced Scorecard
    Aderant accounting database MS SQL Server 2008 Oracle Berkeley DB
    ADP eTime database MS SQL Server 200x Oracle Berkeley DB Database
    Advanced DB Master (ADBM) MS SQL Server 2010 Oracle Berkeley DB High Availability
    Aerospike MS SQL Server 2012 Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition Transactional Data Store
    AffinitySystem MS SQL Server 2014 Oracle Berkeley DB XML
    Alpha Software MS SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Oracle BES Server 5.0
    Alpine Data Labs MS SQL Server 2k Oracle BI Mobile App Designer
    Altibase MS SQL Server 2k/2005 Oracle Big Data Appliance
    Amazon Load Testing Accelerator for MS SQL Server 4.2 Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 Full Rack
    Amazon SOA Web Services MS SQL Server 4.21a Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 Starter Rack
    Apache Cassandra MS SQL Server 5 Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2
    Apache Cassandra 2.x MS SQL Server 5.x Oracle Database Appliance
    Apache CouchDB MS SQL Server 6 Oracle Database Appliance X3-2
    Apache Datameer MS SQL Server 6.5 Oracle Database Appliance ZFS Storage Appliance Active Data Guard
    Apache Hadoop MS SQL Server 6.7 Oracle Database appliances
    Apache Hbase MS SQL Server 7 Oracle Database Architect
    Apache Hcatalog MS SQL Server 7.0 Oracle Database Cloud Service
    Apache MapR MS SQL Server 7.5 Oracle Database development 10g
    Apache MapReduce MS SQL Server 7/ 2000 Oracle Database development 9.x
    Apache Pig MS SQL Server 7/2000 Oracle Database Enterprise
    AppDynamics DBTuna MS SQL Server 8 Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
    ASP-db MS SQL Server CE Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 11g
    Aspect Software DataMart MS SQL Server cluster Oracle Database Enterprise Edition Solution
    Aster Data MS SQL Server Data Engine Oracle Database Enterprise Management Provisioning Pack
    Basho MS SQL Server Data Quality Oracle Database Enterprise Solution
    Basho Riak MS SQL Server Data Services Oracle Database Firewall
    Bilander Software MS SQL Server Data Tools Oracle Database Gateways
    BloomReach MS SQL Server DB Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack
    Blue Yonder MS SQL Server DBA Oracle Database Lite
    BMC Catalog Manager MS SQL Server Desktop Engine Oracle Database Lite Client
    BMC DASD MS SQL Server development Oracle Database Lite Mobile Server
    BMC DASD MANAGER MS SQL Server DTS Oracle Database Mobile Server
    BMC Data Management MS SQL Server Enterprise Core Oracle Database Personal Edition
    BMC Database MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager Oracle Database Server
    BMC DB MS SQL Server Enterprise System Oracle Database Server 8i
    BMC DB Tools MS SQL Server Express Oracle Database server to Linux
    CA Database Backup and Recovery Suite MS SQL Server Import Export Oracle Database Solution
    CA Database Management MS SQL Server Integration 2005 Oracle Database SQL
    CA Database-Analyser MS SQL Server Integration 2008 Oracle Database Standard Edition
    CA Datacom MS SQL Server management studio Oracle Database Standard Edition One
    CA Datacom/DB MS SQL Server Manager Oracle Database Standard Edition Solution
    CA DataQuery MS SQL Server MVS Oracle Database Suite
    CA Detector MS SQL SPI Oracle Database Vault
    CA IDEAL MySQL Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition
    CA RC Query Navicat Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition 11g
    CA RC Update Neo4j Oracle DataMatcher
    CA RC/ secure Ngdata Oracle DataMatchMerge
    CA RC/Migrator NoSQL Oracle Exadata
    CA RC/Query NoSQL DB Oracle Exadata 11g
    CA RC/Update NuoDB Oracle Exadata Database Machine
    CA Tsreorg for Distributed Databases Nutonian Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2
    Calpont Odbc Oracle Exadata DBA
    Canopy Labs Ontotext Oracle Exadata Start-Up Advisory Service
    Caspio Opendatasoft Oracle Exadata Start-up Pack
    CitusDB OpenEdge Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Racks
    Civis Analytics Oracle Oracle Exadata Storage Server
    Cloudant Oracle 10 Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software
    Cloudera Oracle 10 RAC Oracle Exadata V1 And V2
    Cloudera Impala Oracle 10.1 Oracle Exadata V2
    Cloudera Manager 4.7 Oracle Oracle Exadata X2-2
    Cloudera Manager BDR Oracle Oracle Exalogic
    Cloudera Navigator Oracle 10.2 Oracle Forms
    Cloudera stack Oracle Oracle Forms & Application server
    Cloudera v4.6 Oracle Oracle Forms 10g
    CodeBase Oracle Oracle Forms 11g
    CodeFutures Oracle 10.5 Oracle Forms 2.3
    Colectica Oracle 10.7 Oracle Forms 3.0
    Continuent Oracle 10.7 to 11i Oracle Forms 3.0 to Forms 4.5
    Continuent Tungsten Oracle 10.x Oracle Forms 3.x
    Couchbase Oracle 10g Oracle Forms 4 & 4.5
    Couchbase couchconf Oracle 10g ( Oracle Forms 4.0
    Couchbase Membase Oracle 10g (RAC +Dataguard) Oracle Forms 4.0 & Reports
    Crowdflower Oracle 10g and 11 Oracle Forms 4.0 & Reports 2.0
    Cxense Oracle 10G and 11G Oracle Forms 4.0, Forms 4.5, & Reports 2.5
    Data Ladder Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition Oracle Forms 4.5
    DataDirect Oracle 10g Exadata Oracle Forms 4.5 & 5.0
    DataEase Oracle 10g Forms Oracle Forms 4.5 & Forms 6
    Dataiku Oracle 10g Grid Oracle Forms 4.5 & Reports 2.5
    Datameer Oracle 10g Grid Agents Oracle Forms 4.5, Report 2.5,Forms 6.0
    DataPlay Oracle 10g R1 Oracle Forms
    DataStax Oracle 10g R2 Oracle Forms 4.5-9i
    Datawatch Oracle 10g RAC Oracle Forms 5
    DBBalance Oracle 10g RDBMS Oracle Forms 5 & Reports 3.0
    DBESoftware Oracle 10g Streams Database Oracle Forms 6
    Deepsense Oracle 10g to Aix 6.1 Oracle Forms 6.0 / Reports
    Delphix Oracle 10g v10.2 Oracle Forms 6.5
    Devart Oracle 10g Oracle Forms 6.i
    Domo Oracle 10g, 9i Oracle Forms 6i
    EMC Data Protection Advisor Oracle 10g, Application 11i Oracle Forms 6i & 10g
    EMC Data Protection Manager Oracle 10g,11g Oracle Forms 6i / Reports
    EMC Greenplum Oracle 10g+ Oracle Forms 6i, Reports 6i
    EMC GreenPlum 3.2 Oracle 10g-11g Oracle Forms 9i
    EMC Greenplum Database Oracle 10gas Oracle Forms Builder
    EnterpriseDB Oracle 10gDB Oracle Forms Builder 6
    EnterpriseDB 8 & 9 Oracle 10gR1 Oracle Forms Builder 6.0
    EnterpriseDB v9.1, V9.2 Oracle 10gR2 Oracle Forms Builder 6i
    EXASOL AG Oracle 10gR2 Oracle Forms Server
    Exprodo Software Oracle 10gr2 RAC Oracle Forms Services
    FairCom Oracle 10gR3 Oracle Forms v.4.5
    FileMaker Oracle 10gR3/ALUI 6.5 Oracle Forms v2.5
    FileMaker Illustrator Oracle 10gRAC Oracle Forms v4.0
    Filemaker Pro Oracle 10gx Oracle Forms V4.5
    Filemaker Pro 8.5 Oracle 10i Oracle Forms v5
    Filemaker pro v.6 Oracle 10i Operating System Oracle Forms v6i
    FileTek Oracle 10R3 Oracle Forms4.5, Forms 6i, Reports 4.5, Reports 6i
    GrapheneDB Oracle 10-Sep Oracle GRC
    Hortonworks Oracle 11 Oracle GRC Suite
    Hortonworks 2.0 Oracle 11 applications Oracle Grid Control
    Hortonworks 2.2 Oracle 11.0 Oracle Grid Control
    Hortonworks HDP 2.1 Oracle 11.0.3 Oracle Grid Control 10g
    Hortonworks HDP 2.2 Oracle 11.1.1.x Oracle Grid Control 11.1
    Hortonworks HDP 2.3 Hadoop Oracle 11.2 Oracle Grid Control 11i
    Hortonworks HDP v2.0 Oracle Oracle Grid Control 12c
    Hortonworks Sandbox Oracle 11.2.03 Oracle Grid Engine
    HP Configuration Management Database Oracle 11.5 Oracle Grid Manager
    HP Database and Middleware Automation Oracle 11.5.10 Oracle Headstart Designer
    HP Universal Configuration Management Oracle Oracle Hyperion 3 BSO Essbase
    HP Vertica Oracle 11.5.2 Oracle Hyperion 7.1 Essbase
    HP Vertica Analytics Platform Oracle 11.5.3 Oracle Hyperion Administration Services
    IBM 9 Oracle 11.5.4 Oracle Hyperion Analytic Administration Services
    IBM Advanced Analytics and Optimization Oracle 11.5.5 Oracle Hyperion Analytic Server 9.3.1
    IBM Big Data & Analytics Oracle 11.5.7 Oracle Hyperion Analytic Services
    IBM BigInsights Oracle 11.5.8 Oracle Hyperion Analyzer
    IBM Cloudant Data Layer Local Edition Oracle 11.5.9 Oracle Hyperion Essbase
    IBM Cloudant Dedicated Cluster Oracle 11.x Oracle Hyperion Essbase – System 9
    IBM Connect Direct for UNIX Oracle 11.x g Oracle Hyperion Essbase (EPM 11)
    IBM Connect Direct for Unix and Windows Oracle 11g Oracle Hyperion Essbase 1.1.2
    IBM Data Manager Oracle 11g and 12c Oracle Hyperion Essbase 11
    IBM Data Manager ETL Oracle 11g Database Oracle Hyperion Essbase 11.1
    IBM Data Manager/Decision Stream Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition Oracle Hyperion Essbase 11.1.1
    IBM Data Quality Oracle 11g R1 Oracle Hyperion Essbase
    IBM Database Management System (DBMS) Oracle 11g r2 Oracle Hyperion Essbase
    IBM Database Management System11.2 Oracle 11g R2 ( Oracle Hyperion Essbase to
    IBM DB Oracle 11g RAC Oracle Hyperion Essbase 11.1.2
    IBM DB2 9 for Linux UNIX Oracle 11g Release 1 Oracle Hyperion Essbase 6
    IBM DB2 9 for Linux UNIX and Windows Oracle 11g Release 2 Oracle Hyperion Essbase 6.0
    IBM DB2 9.0 Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i Oracle Hyperion Essbase 6.1
    IBM DB2 9.5 Oracle 11g, R12 Oracle Hyperion Essbase 6.2
    IBM DB2 ESE Oracle 11gR1 Oracle Hyperion Essbase 6.5
    IBM DB2 Everyplace Oracle 11gR2 Oracle Hyperion EssBase 6.5.3
    IBM DB2 Express Oracle 11gR2 Oracle Hyperion Essbase 6.5.4
    IBM DB2 Express 9 Oracle 11gr2, 11gr1, 10gr2 Oracle Hyperion Essbase
    IBM DB2 Express Edition Oracle 11i Oracle Hyperion Essbase 6.5.6
    IBM DB2 Express-C Oracle 11i (, 11.5.9) Oracle Hyperion Essbase 6X
    IBM DB2 Extenders V9.5 Oracle 11i (AP, AR, GL, FA Oracle Hyperion Essbase 7
    IBM DB2 Fast Copy Solution Pack for z/OS Oracle 11i database Oracle Hyperion Essbase 7 Planning
    IBM DB2 for AIX Oracle 11i Financials Oracle Hyperion Essbase 7.0
    IBM DB2 for HP/UX Oracle 11i RAC Oracle Hyperion EssBase 7.1
    IBM DB2 for i5/OS Oracle 11i.10.2 Oracle Hyperion Essbase 7.1.2
    IBM DBA Oracle 11R2 Oracle Hyperion Essbase 7.1.3
    IBM DBA Oracle 11x Oracle Hyperion Essbase 7.1.5
    IBM DBMS Oracle 12 Oracle Hyperion Essbase 7.1.6
    IBM Dbug Oracle 12.0 Oracle Hyperion Essbase 7.2
    IBM FOCUS Oracle 12.1.3 Oracle Hyperion Essbase 7.x cube to version 9.3.1.
    IBM FOCUS 6.5 Oracle Oracle Hyperion Essbase Planning
    IBM FOCUS 6.8 Oracle 12c Oracle Hyperion Essbase Planning  Finance
    IBM Information Management System (IMS) Oracle 12i Oracle Hyperion Essbase Planning (v9.3.1)
    IBM Informix Oracle 12R Oracle Hyperion Essbase Planning 6.5
    IBM Informix 11.5 Oracle 12R ERP Oracle Hyperion Essbase Planning 9.3
    IBM Informix 11.x Oracle 19 Oracle Hyperion Essbase v9.2
    IBM Informix 4GL Oracle 2 Oracle Hyperion Essbase v9.3
    IBM Informix 4GL OLTP Oracle 2.5 Oracle Hyperion Essbase v9.3.3
    IBM INFORMIX 7 Oracle 2000 Oracle Hyperion Integration Services
    IBM Informix 7.23 Oracle 2000 Forms 6i Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting
    IBM Informix 7.31 Oracle 2000 Reports 6i Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting
    IBM Informix 9.x Oracle 3.x Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting
    IBM Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition Oracle 360 commerce Oracle Hyperion Interactive reporting 9.2
    IBM Informix Database Oracle 360 Commerce v12.0.3 Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting
    IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) Oracle 4.0.8 Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting 9.x
    IBM Informix Geodetic DataBlade Oracle 4.5 Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio
    IBM Informix I-Spy Oracle 5 Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio 9.3
    IBM Informix OnLine Oracle 5.0 Oracle Hyperion Master Data Management
    IBM Informix Server Administrator Oracle 6 Oracle IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth Solution for PeopleSoft
    IBM Informix Servers Oracle 6.0 Oracle IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management Solution
    IBM Informix SQL Oracle 6.x Oracle MySQL
    IBM Informix SQL (I-SQL) Oracle 6i Oracle MySQL 3
    IBM Informix Standard Engine (SE) Oracle 7 Oracle MySQL 3.23.56
    IBM Informix TimeSeries DataBlade Oracle 7, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g Oracle MySQL 4.1
    IBM Informix TimeSeries Real-Time Loader Oracle 7,8,9 Oracle MySQL 4.1.14
    IBM Informix Oracle 7,8,9,10g Oracle MySQL Workbench 5.5
    IBM Informix-online 7.0 Oracle 7.0 Oracle MySQL Workbench Database
    IBM InfoSphere Oracle 7.1 Oracle R2
    IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Oracle 7.2 Oracle R2.2
    IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Basic Edition Oracle 7.3 Oracle RAC
    IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition Oracle 7.3 8i Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters)
    IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary Oracle 7.3 database Oracle RAC 10
    IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture Oracle 7.3 DB Oracle RAC 10g
    IBM InfoSphere Classic Federation Server Oracle 7.3, 8.1, 9i Oracle RAC 10gR3
    IBM Integrated Document Management Oracle 7.3, 8.1, 9i, 10g Oracle RAC 11
    IBM Middleware Oracle 7.3,8.1 Oracle RAC 11.2
    IBM Netezza Oracle 7.3.2 Oracle RAC 11g
    IBM Netezza High Capacity Appliance Oracle 7.3.3 Oracle RAC database
    IBM Netezza Performance Server Oracle 7.3.4 Oracle RAC/9i
    IBM Optim Query Tuner for DB2 for Linux Oracle 7.x Oracle RACk 11g
    IBM Optim Query Workload Tuner for DB2 Oracle 7.x database Oracle Rational Rose
    IBM Pick DB Oracle 7-10g Oracle Ravello
    IBM PureScale DB2 Oracle 7210 Oracle RDA
    IBM Records Manager DB2 Oracle 7420 Oracle RDB
    IBM Red Hat Linux Oracle 7i Oracle RDB Database
    IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer for DB2 Oracle 7x Oracle RDBMS
    IBM solidDB Oracle 8 Oracle RDBMS (11g)
    IBM SQLJ Oracle 8 Database Oracle RDBMS R1
    IBM System z running Linux/z/OS Oracle 8 relational database Oracle RDBMS
    IBM TBSM Oracle 8, 9i Oracle RDBMS
    IBM UDB Oracle 8, SQL Server 7.0 Oracle RDBMS 10g
    IBM Unidata Oracle 8.0 Oracle RDBMS 11g
    Indyco Oracle 8.0.3 Oracle RDBMS 7.3
    InfiniDB Oracle 8.0.5 Oracle RDBMS
    Influxdb Oracle 8.0.5 20gb Oracle RDBMS 9i
    Informatica Oracle 8.0.5, 8i, 9i, 10g OrientDB
    Informatica UltraMessaging (29West) Oracle 8.0.6 Percona
    Informatica V 8 Oracle 8.051 PostgreSQL
    Informatica Version Management Oracle 8.1 PostgreSQL 8.1.4
    Ingres Oracle 8.1 DBA Studio PostgreSQL 8.3
    Inmagic Oracle 8.1, 9i, 10g PostgreSQL 8.4
    Inmagic DB Oracle 8.1.2 PostgreSQL 8.x
    Intelie Oracle 8.1.5 PostgreSQL 9.1
    InterSystems Oracle 8.1.5 (8i) PostgreSQL 9.3
    Intuit Quickbase Oracle 8.1.6 PrimaSoft PC
    IQbase Oracle QUBOLE
    Iri Software CoSORT Oracle 8.1.6.x RDBMS
    IronRock Software Oracle 8.1.7 RDM Embedded
    JNetDirect Oracle 8.1.7 RDBMS Revolution Analytics Revolution R Enterprise
    Kaizen Software Oracle Saama
    Logscape Oracle SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)
    Lotame Oracle SAP BASIS DBA
    Maana Oracle database SAP Database
    MariaDB Oracle SAP DBM
    MariaDB Database Development Oracle 8.1.7i SAP Event Stream Processor (ESP)
    MariaDB Enterprise Oracle 8.1.7x SAP HANA
    MariaDB Enterprise Cluster Oracle 8.15 SAP MaxDB
    MarkLogic Oracle 8.17 SAP MaxDB 7.0
    McObject ORACLE 8.2 SAP MaxDB 7.6
    MemSql Oracle 8.i database SAP MDSD Mobile
    Mimer SQL Oracle 8.x SAP Predictive Analysis
    MongoHQ Oracle 8.x database SAP S/4HANA
    MongoLab Oracle 8/9 SAP S/4HANA, business suite 4
    MS Access Oracle 805 SAP Sybase
    MS Access VBA forms Oracle 81 SAP Sybase 1, 2
    MS Active Directory (AD) Oracle 8i SAP Sybase Open Client Systems
    MS D-SQL Oracle 8i 9i SAP Sybase PowerBuilder
    MS dynamic SQL Oracle 8i 9i 10G, MS SQL 2000 SAP Sybase RAP
    MS Front-end database Oracle 8i database SAP Sybase RemoteWare
    MS NTSQL Oracle 8i Server SAP Sybase Replication
    MS Q+E Database Editor Oracle 8i.x SAP Sybase Replication 11.5
    MS Query Analyzer Oracle 8x SAP Sybase Repserver
    MS Rights Management (RMS) Oracle 9 SAP Sybase SQL
    MS Sal Server 2005 Oracle 9 & 10g SAP Sybase SQL Advantage
    MS Sal Server 6.5 Oracle 9 iAS SAP Sybase V12.5.4 Servers
    MS Session Directory Oracle 9.0 Software AG Adabas
    MS SQABasic Oracle 9.0.1 StackiQ
    MS SQL (SSIS) Oracle Streetline
    MS SQL 08 Oracle 9.0.2.X EE SuiteDocs
    MS SQL 08 R2 Oracle 9.0.5 Sybase
    MS SQL 11 Oracle 9.02 Synametrics
    MS SQL 2000 Oracle 9.1 Synametrics WinSQL
    MS SQL 2003 Oracle database Talend
    MS SQL 2005 Oracle 9.1.2 Teamdesk
    MS SQL 2005 & SQL 2008 Oracle 9.2 Teradata
    MS SQL 2005Sp2 Oracle 9.2 client support Teradata V13
    MS SQL 2007 Oracle 9.2.0 Teradata V2
    MS SQL 2007 R2 Oracle Teradata V2.5
    MS SQL 2008 Oracle Teradata V2R12
    MS SQL 2010 Oracle Teradata V2R13
    MS SQL 2012 Oracle Teradata V2R3
    MS SQL 2014 Oracle database Teradata V2R4
    MS SQL 2K Oracle Teradata V2R4.1
    MS SQL 2k/2k5 Oracle Teradata V2R5
    MS SQL 3.5 sp1 Oracle Teradata V2R5.0
    MS SQL 4.3 Oracle Teradata v2R5.x
    MS Sql 5.1 Oracle 9.2.05 database Teradata V2R6
    MS SQL 5.5 Oracle 9.20 Teradata V2R6 SQL Assistant
    MS SQL 6.5 Oracle 9.2i Teradata V2R6.02
    MS SQL 6.5 databases Oracle 9.i Teradata V2R6.1
    MS SQL 6.5 servers Oracle 9.x Teradata V2R6.2
    MS SQL 6.5/7.0/2000 Oracle 91 Teradata V2R6/R5
    MS SQL 6.7 Oracle 9-Aug Teradata v2r6/v2r5
    MS SQL 7 Oracle 9i Teradata V2Rx
    MS SQL 7.0 database Oracle 9i – 11g Teradata V6.0
    MS SQL 7.31 Oracle 9i & 10g Teradata V7.2.0.05
    MS SQL 7.4 Oracle 9i, 10gR2 TrackVia
    MS SQL 7.5 Oracle 9i database Treparel
    MS SQL 7/8 Oracle 9i RAC, 10g RAC VCPro
    MS SQL 95 Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters Versant
    MS SQL Administration Oracle 9i Relational Database Vertica
    MS SQL Analysis Server 2008 Oracle 9i SQL VoltDB
    MS SQL Analysis Services Oracle 9i to 10g WhereScape RED
    MS SQL and SQL Server Oracle 9i, 10g WinToolUSA
    MS SQL Server Oracle 9i, 10g & 11g Xcase

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