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The more targeted and relevant your marketing strategy is the greater the likelihood that people will engage and respond, and the greater chance that you will generate revenue. In B2B marketing, companies are typically classified by characteristics such as size, industry, location, and installed base. We build the database of our Job Title Specific Database with the help of our industry professionals.


The job function represents the area (IT, HR, Finance, Procurement, etc.) to which a person is assigned, while the job level refers to a person’s level of seniority. Examples of job levels include CEO, CXO, Vice President, and Project Leader. A company’s strengths are important to identify, but it does not tell you who within that company will be most interested in your offer. Also, you can find a list of gender-specific job titles. Use our Job Title Specific Contact List and build your business strategy to meet all your targets.

Job Title Specific Lists Includes :

Job Titles/ Functions
Geographic Location
Company Size
Revenue Size
Technology Tracking

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